I’m Ermanno,

Inspired by underground culture, city scenes, and everyday moments, I crafted a distinctive perspective. My photos merge these influences, capturing scenes that seem timeless and universal. Through my lens, I mix the urban melting pot, where different cultures intersect and coexist, reflecting the dynamic complexity of city life.

Using a wide range of camera formats from 35mm, 120 and panoramic, I use my photography to reflects my commitment and genuine artistic vision, with my approach to the craft of visual storytelling.



My works has been publicised and appeared on:



Bmx Support Night, 2020.

Self-published, 16 pages, stapled.

Shot in London. 

Printed in United Kingdom.


Partycross I, 2023.

Self-published, 24 pages, stapled.

Shot in Uxbridge. 

Printed in United Kingdom.


Nightlocross, 2023

Self-published, 8 pages, non stapled, tabloid size.

Shot in London. 

Printed in United Kingdom.



Do you want to work together? Wonderful! Please send me an email and let’s discuss your project.