PrimaryBid connect companies to their community of investors.

Public markets were created to allow everyone to invest in and own companies they believe in. But the public has been missing out on valuable share offers for decades. Until recently, only institutional investors could access IPOs and follow-ons. PrimaryBid is changing that. We’ve created the technology to make sure public markets are inclusive, transparent and fair, as they were always meant to be.

The job to be done

My task here was to redesign the mobile experience, bringing the design at a more standard level of both visual design and user experience on both iOS and Android.

Crucial points I have worked on are typography, iconography, new ux flows, onboarding, biometrics, layout and new pages such as settings and profile.

Competitive Analysis

The competitive analysis was ran on different kind of app that have a “card design” approach that we was looking into.

UX Flow

We identify four different flow for the new app:

  • Onboarding,
  • Login Flow with biometrics,
  • Subscription flow,
  • Changing brokers,
  • Changing payment method.

Saving Flow

The original app

The final product

Subscription Flow