01. Introduction

The new Oddschecker’s onboarding was create to give a more custom experience to the user on the Oddschecker app.

This onboarding allow the company to explain what’s Oddschecker do and what kind of app is.

02. Competitive Analysis

I tested different app, some from the betting industry like Bet365, Coral, Betfair and William Hill, and other app from the sport world like The Athletic, and other from completely different market like Apple Music, Spotify, Meetup and Eventbrite.
All the services not relating to the betting industry have an onboarding that allow the app itself to understand more about the new user and offer more direct services.

03. UX Flow

The new UX Flow for the onboarding was create to give a more custom experience for the Oddschecker app.

We will ask to to the user to select the odds format, then his favourite bookmakers, then his 5 favourite sports and as a last step to login into his favourite bookmakers in order to access the credit for place the bets.

04. Iterations

The idea in the initial phase was to keep all the stats in the top part of the app (the blue side), and the markets for the bets in the bottom one.

Iteration 1

On the first version of the sport selection I used squared button, with the same design of the sports card in the home page carousel.

From the test I learned that the square buttons was highly engaging for the users, but later on watching the entire flow, this design was not consistent with the bookmakers selection (round with green thick).

Iteration 2

In this second iteration I adopted the circular design with the green tick for the selected sports instead of the square one.

This helped to keep consistency across all the screens of the flow and allow the user to complete the action.

05. The final product