01. Introduction

Oddschecker’s InPlay new feature aim to show live stats of the current match with a useful data visualisation on the football pitch. The introduction of this new feature in the app will help the bettors in they’re bet decision.

02. Competitive Analysis

I tested some mayor competitors apps like Ladbrokes, PaddyPower, William Hill, Sky Bet, Betfair Sports and Bet365.
I discovered some similarities between all the app.
In the InPlay section, most of the competitors show the football pitch with an animated arrow that show the direction of the action.
Some of them offer a live streaming of the match as well.
For more advanced stats, the user have to open a separate tab and scroll through a second layer of navigation to access all the match stats.

From the left: SkyBet, Bet365, BetFair, PaddyPower and William Hill

03. UX Flow

The UX Flow goal for this feature was to offer all the useful informations to the user with the smallest number of clicks.

04. Iterations

The idea in the initial phase was to keep all the stats in the top part of the app (the blue side), and the markets for the bets in the bottom one.

Iteration 1

The First prototype had a navigation of four screens for the stats area.

The journey here was accessible through swiping left and right to access match stats, lineup and subs.

The different height of the sections was causing animation problem and hiding too much the bet section.

The data visualisation was a bit confusing.

Iteration 2

In this second iteration the navigation is changed to only two pages: the event page and the stats page.

The Pitch area is more compact and can house all the informations related to the match and leave enough space for the markets area.

The lineup now is accessible using the Lineups button and it will show a toast card scrolling from the bottom of the page with all the players of the two teams.

Clicking on a team player will allow the user to navigate to the player’s page and read all the stats.

05. The final product