The aim of this project was to help Infermiera Jay during the first iteration of his service.

Immediately after the first Lockdown in Italy she saw her business of healthcare on demand service explode, not only for the usual nurse services, but also for the Covid-19 test service she start offering.

Her business started when she left the public healthcare infrastructure for a freelance job. Most of her clients was reaching her by Whatsapp. After the first lockdown it wasn’t possible anymore to manage booking using whatsapp so she decided to create a more professional service to help in this crucial management part of her business.

The Challenge

Develop a platform that will replace the original whatsapp service allowing Jay and the team to better manage all the bookings but that keep the low friction feature of the original service.

Understanding the user’s need

The big group of users of the platform are elderly people that need weekly assistance plus an emerging group of people that need a covid-19 quick test on a regular basis to attend school or go to work, so the booking process have to be quick and easy to understand.

Problem Statement

In order to support an increasing number of requests, the nurse needs a tool that allows her to comfortably and efficiently manage the customer’s requests.

A second issue to solve.

The nurse who does just medical visit, can handle about 30 visits a day, however the nurse that has to fill out all of the invoices by hand will do about 15 visits a day. How to solve this issue?

Development and design process

I started my design process thinking about the page content, the flow and the architecture of the website.

As I wrote in my problem statement, the most important point I want to take care of is the booking flow.

Paper Prototype

After some meetings useful to write down all the services and legal documents requested for the booking, I started jotting down some very low fidelity sketches of the page’s content to have a rough base to then build the hi fidelity design.

The final prototype