Gamification and Endowed progress effect

In 2019 I received the task of research a way to improve the retention of the new users and increase the engagement of existent ones in the Oddschecker’s app.

The first word that came to my mind that time was GAMIFICATION.

I started thinking a way gamifying some section of the app in order to increase the engagement of it.
My initial step was doing a competitive analysis on similar platform in the betting industry and then expand the circle to app, services and games out of the same industry.

In the betting industry pretty much all the company was offering the same option /create an account and get £5 free bet/ or /bet £10 and get a free £10 bet /, but these are mostly one of a time option, after you used it, they are gone and you don’t know when and if you will receive more.

Videogames instead, they work in a different way. They have a multiple levels of achievement that the user can climb to obtain more gift or in-game coins, that eventually will be able to spent to purchase gears or outfits for the character.

This was my good-to-go option, I decided to try this multiple levels of achievement in the app to increase the engagement.

The reward club timeline feature

Now that I had a more defined direction to follow I had to define the point to reach for each steps.

1. First bet
2. Log In with Oddschecker
3. Log In with at least 4 Bookmaker’s account
4. Enable push notification
5. Invite a friend.

After the first round of talk with managers and stakeholders in the company I had to iterate a little the steps required :

1. 1st bet
2. Login with Oddschecker
3. Login with 2,3,4 bookmakers
4. Allow push notifications
5. Refer a friend
6. 4 bets in 4 days to enter the weekly prize (EFL tickets, race course tickets)
7. Bet twice a week or more for 48/52 weeks in a year to enter the Cheltenham Competition.

After the third iteration the levels of achievements was starting to get a more structured shape, defining daily, weekly, monthly and special situations like Login, return to the app after 30days of absence.

Weekly draws

Every week the user is invited into a draw where he can win:
* Free ticket for an important race
* Free amount of “£” bets
* Free ticket for a small race


The Endowed progress effect

You are more motivated to finish a task, if you feel that the given task requires less effort due to some advancement.

Here is where the structure was starting to show a bigger image to my eyes:

The first 6 steps have to be something very easy and they shouldn’t require any big effort.

* login in to Oddschecker account
* Select your favourite teams and leagues
* Login into 2,3,4 bookmakers
* Allow push notification
* Refer 1,3,5 friends
* Make your first bet

In return of completing these basic point the user will receive £5 free bet


A small parenthesis into the In-game currency

A small spike into game currency was interesting to explore even if it was abandoned after the research and possible ideation.

* opportunity to pay in the app with real money
* Opportunity to pay in the app with /BetCoin/

If you subscribe to the /BetCoin/ you will receive a certain amount of digital coins to spend in bets and also a second ticket for the internal lottery.

* Small amount of £ to get a lot of /BetCoin/
* Real money
* In-game Currency
* Daily boxes (buy 1, get 3x)

The Tier System

The Next iteration was the one where the multiple level of achievement changed name ad the endowed progress effect was also improved.

The first tier system ideation was divided into 4 Steps:

1. The learner stage
2. Tier 1
3. Tier 2
4. Tier 3

After couple of iterations the final Tier system was defined with the introduction of *points* and *ranking* .

To get a better ranking the user have to win the bets he place,

When the bettor enter the “promoted area”, he/she need the minimum amount of points to enter the next tier,
If te bettor is not in the first 20 users but want to enter the draw, he/she will be able to purchase the ticket using the points.

1. Onboarding tier:
* Login to Oddschecker
* login to 3/4 bookmakers
* Enable Push Notifications

Welcome to Oddschecker reward system

2. Tier 1 (120 points)
* Bet 4x£5 bets in a week to receive 30points (£20)
* Place yourself in the first 30 users to be promoted to the next tier
* Place yourself in the first 20 users to enter the draw
* Place yourself in the first three users to get 10% more chance to win the draw

3. Tier 2 (200points)
* Bet 8x£5 bets in a week to receive 50 points (£40)
* Same ranking system of the Tier 1
* + 20% more chance to win the draw

4. Tier 3 (280 points)
* Bet 12x£5 bets in a week to receive 70 points (£60)
* Same ranking system of the Tier 1
* +30% of chances to win the draw
* Access to the Cheltenham race giveaway


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