In February I presented my project about solve a problem in the human resource field, creating a new HR Web App.


In this phase of the design process you put aside your own assumption and start the research to understand the product and the problem from the user’s point of view.

Since I didn’t have any knowledge about HR software in addition to the fact that the human resource field is so broad, I had a first round of interview with 3 companies to understand where to focus my research.

After the first round of interview I noticed that the main problems was related to the job search engine of some HR apps and how information is distributed from the HR department to the candidate.

So I decided to base my research on the hiring process.

I contacted three company that work in the tech industry but are of different sizes, a small-medium and a big size company to compare the needs and the pain points of each.

I received interesting information about the hiring process and all of three have similar issue.They use more than one software to manage the hiring process:

  • Calendly to book a meeting;
  • Zoom, Skype and Hangouts for calls;
  • Personal website for posting new job openings;
  • Linkedin, Dribbble and Stack Overflow to publicize job positions;
  • Slack for internal chat.

They spoke about the privacy policy related to the acquisition of the cv and some problem related to the candidate search engine of their software.


In define is where I put together the findings about users and I analysed the observations and synthesized them in order to define the core problems.

Affinity diagram

I organised the data collected from my interviews in order to categorised it into sections that helped me continue with the design process.

These are the insight from the interviews:

  • Hr use different softwares for the hiring process
  • sometimes are not very precise
  • disorganised informations

Problem Statement

I need one place where I can do the whole hiring process, because all the information about the process are spread around.

User Persona

User Persona is a hypothetical archetype of an actual user profile according to their expectations, needs, goals, and observed behaviour patterns.

I have created the User Persona based on all the research done before in order to have someone to look at when directing focus.

Marilù is a recruiter for an IT company in fast growing. She spend the whole day looking for a new candidate and contact him, schedule call and organise in-person meeting. When is not looking for a new candidate, Marilù keep tracking of the company employees to see their upgrades.
Marilù is struggling because she have to use different tools for the hiring process and sometimes is hard to keep track of all the conversations.


On this stage I was ready to start brainstorming ideas to solve the issue, and with the informations and the knowledge acquired it was possible to identify a solution for the problem statement.

I started sketching thinking about my persona and my problem, putting my ideas on the paper, the fastest and creative way to transfer ideas from the mind to the real life.


In the prototype and testing phase of Design Thinking, I produced a low fidelity version of the web app in order to investigate the spread informations problem solutions generated in the define and ideate stages and tested it with users and iterating until I get the best prototype that fits their pain point.

User Flows

Before start sketching the interface, I create three user flows, based on the different flows, I drew the various screens.

Paper prototype

Based on these flow, I started to draw the screens I needed to show the flows.


I had one round of test and I collected two interesting iterations.

The first iteration I had was on the home page/dashboard.

In my initial design in the home page there was one call to actions, create new job position, and other two buttons for check open position and check employees status.

But some users ask me where they can find the notification center for notification from the candidates, and they told me that they would like to have information about published job advertisements.

So I moved the second and third buttons in the nav bar and I replaced with the notification center and the published job advertisements board.

The second iteration was in the application form page.

My initial design for this sections was to offer a powerful tool to create custom forms based on different job offer, but all the users get stuck on this page, they don’t understand what they have to do, so I decide to simplify it, leaving a standard form and moving on the right the button for modifications.

The final prototype