How to move your first step into Film Photography — a UX case study

A UX case study on how I designed the Film Photography Companion

The challenge

Develop a project based on a subject that we love or we are curious about.
Time: two weeks.

Understanding the user’s need

As a passionate photographer I have some knowledge about photography equipment and developing techniques, but I didn’t want to create an app based only on my own knowledge and experiences, as during the design process biases are the most dangerous enemy; stay away from them.

Discovering a lack of knowledge about analogue photography techniques.

68% of the results I got from the survey (52 answers) and interviews (10 people) showed that people do not develop their film at home because they think that a darkroom is mandatory.

Defining the User

Based on my research, I created my persona Ivan.

As a photography enthusiast I need a tool to learn how to develop my films because I can save time, money and control the process.

Competitors, not a lot

I found some apps on the iOS and Google Play store, but most of them are focused only on the timer/developing part of the process, or they serve as a photographic memo. All these apps lack a section where the user can learn how to do things.

Development and design process

I started my design process thinking about the page content, the flow and the architecture of the app.


Once the content and the architecture of my app was ready, it was time to give them a look.

Moodboard (The New Yorker — Cereal — Drift — Kinfolk -some color palette and the FrankRuhlLibre font)

Paper prototype

Final prototype

Roadmap for the next few months

In the next few months I would like to add a camera scanner, so that in the event you want to know more about a film, you don’t need to search the app, but can just scan the box and get all the information you need.

Jury feedback

This project was judged by a jury of designers who came from different companies and I think it is interesting to put their feedback.

  • Incredible amount of information in the tool
  • Gamification and processes great
  • Have you thought about the idea of create kits? From less to most advanced users? It looks for people that already know what they are doing
  • What other personas could be involved (shops)? They could also be creating content for you
  • Great animation as a promotional tool
  • Inside the research for the insights, try to make more of a bold statement
  • Paper prototype, testing and iterations great
  • Scenario before prototype: thank you
  • Good thinking on having the different filter options. Comparison feature very clever
  • More contextual copy for understanding. How do you educate users to make them understand you don’t have to be a pro?
  • Great learnings
  • Persona: could have motivations to understand why they would come to your platform

Lesson Learned

This was the 9th project in only 9 weeks of bootcamp, and yet there are always a lot of lessons to learn!

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